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Be eBay Canada's Entrepreneur of the Year!
eBay Canada's Entrepreneur of the Year will win prizes to help grow their business. Are you an ambitious and hardworking eBay entrepreneur? Shout it out! Submissions are accepted until August 12, 2013, so don't delay.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Open to eBay business owners in Canada who sell full-time or part-time and meet the sales, postings, feedback and registration eligibility criteria (see below for complete details).

The winner is awarded a prize of $3,000!


Young-preneur of the Year

This award recognizes an exceptional eBay seller, under the age of 29, who offers great inventory to eBay buyers through creative and innovative practices such as creative presentation.

The winner is awarded a prize of $2,000!


Home-preneur of the Year

New award recognizes a member who has enjoyed selling success from the comfort of their own home and uses their living space to operate the business, perhaps with help from family members.

The winner is awarded a prize of $2,000!


Jean-François Lapointe of Gatineau,
Quebec, eBay Canada's 2012 winner

How to Enter

To qualify for entry, eligible members must meet the following criteria:

1. Achieve a minimum of $1,000 CAD in sales per month on or 2. Post a minimum of 10 listings per month on or 3. Have at least 98% positive feedback. 4. Register for the competition and answer a set of questions. All entries must be received by August 12, 2013.

The winners in each category will be announced during Canadian Small Business Week in October.

Please review the rules and regulations to enter.