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Think you should be eBay Canada’s next Entrepreneur of the Year?
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  1. Why and how did you start your eBay business? How did you decide what to sell, what challenges have you overcome and how has eBay helped you achieve your business goals?
  2. (If applicable) Describe how you’ve used eBay to successfully expand your business beyond Canada’s borders. Outline all the markets you export to, and where your products are most popular. Tell us how significant exporting to a global market is to your business (e.g. percentage of sales outside of Canada), and how this has helped grow your business. Let us know if you’ve changed how or what you sell in order to better serve the needs of your global buyers. Explain the challenges you’ve faced as an exporter and how you’ve overcome them.
  3. (If applicable) Describe your experience selling products through multiple channels, including the eBay platform. Tell us how you started your business, and your motivation for expanding into multiple sales channels. Highlight the successes and challenges in building a multi-channel business. Explain your strategy for each channel, and the impact they have on your overall business.